What is search engine reputation management? It’s simply managing the type of content showing up in search engines for a specific word, as it related to you or your company.

The most obvious issues is when negative content ranks in Google for your company’s or your name. Some examples are low ratings, scam articles, poor service reviews. These pieces of UGC or 3rd party ‘criticisms’ can damage your ability to generate new business, retain customers, and just be downright embarrassing for employees.

The keywords that can have an impact on your reputation go beyond your company’s name to relevant categories you’re associated with. There are 4 key topics that can impact your brand if there is negative or irrelevant content ranking.  The general categories are:

  • Company brand
  • Executives’ names
  • Separate product line or brand names
  • Product association (e.g. ingredients or components)

For these keywords

Types of content

  • Ratings
  • Articles
  • Wikipedia pages
  • Competitors
  • Written or video reviews