Broken Link Study Overview

This study was conducted on 90 publisher and blog websites with Rowe Digital’s SEAD solution. The purpose was to identify the count of broken links (404 errors only) pointing out to 3rd party references. The links identified are actively pointing to these 404 pages as of July 14, 2016.

What is a broken link?
A broken link is a link on a website that points out to another site but goes to a page which has a 404 or other errors. These links can be anchor text, image links, or raw http:// text.

What causes broken links?
Broken links on a site can occur in several ways:

  • The url that the link was pointing to was removed by the website owner and not redirected
  • The author on your site put in the wrong url
  • A site was taken down
  • The 3rd party moved the content to another url or part of the site

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Key Findings

Over 65,000 broken links

Links Pointing to 404 Pages

Across the 90 publisher websites there were over 65,000 broken links.

Over 100 Broken Links

31% of Sites

31% of the publisher websites had over 100 broken links

Over 500 Broken Links

14% of Sites

14% of of the publisher sites had more than 500 broken links

Over 1,500 Broken Links

9% of Sites

Yes, of the sites crawled 9% of those sites had over 1,500 broken links

Popular Sites with Broken Links

Many of the sites in this study were small blogs but some popular online publishers had broken link issues as well. This is a sample of 3 of the popular blogs.

The crawl of uncovered over 1,590 broken links pointing out to 3rd party websites.

About the site

POPSUGAR Inc. is a global media and technology company including lifestyle media publisher POPSUGAR, digital shopping platform ShopStyle, and monthly subscription box POPSUGAR Must Have.

The crawl of City Mom’s Network found 680 broken links

About the site

City Moms Blog Network LLC helps women start and grow their own business in the form of a locally-focused collaborative blog geared toward moms in their community.

The crawl of Happy Interior Blog found 530 broken links

About the site

Happy Interior Blog is an international blog about interior design, styling, decoration, travels and plants that has gained high appraisal and was awarded ‘Best International Blog’ in 2014.