We help companies build links in the US, EU and globally.

The Rowe Digital team are some of the top players in link building. We are engagement marketers that have the resources to build global link building programs in the US, EU, China, and more.

Engagement Marketing and Link Building is Our Passion

Meet Your New Team.

Kevin Rowe
Kevin RoweFounder & CEO
Kevin Rowe is one of the top innovators in the search marketing (SEO/PPC) industry, developing industry-leading programs for SEO auditing, link building, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine reputation management. He has built world-class programs for a range of companies from fortune 100 to Silicon Valley startups. Kevin focuses on innovation and scalability to build enterprise-level programs that outperform industry standards.
Joe Marciano
Joe MarcianoSVP Enterprise Relationships
Joe possesses over 10 years of sales, marketing, contract, recruiting, and operations management experience in several different industries including marketing & advertising, government, banking, retail, & construction. Joe has also founded and grown his own multi-million dollar company.

Joe is a tremendously passionate person who deeply cares for others, almost to a fault. Joe loves to help build and create things as opposed to talking, and he always makes positive impacts on his clients and companies.

Kandi Humpf
Kandi HumpfSEO Manager
Kandi Humpf’s professional career may best be described as diverse. As a customer service representative, secretary, copy editor, operations manager, corporate client advocate, website developer, and technologist she developed a rare skill set that allows her to help businesses understand and use the Internet to their advantage. Kandi has written articles for Search Engine Journal and enjoys helping local businesses understand how to use the power of social media and search engine optimization through the Small Business Development Center.
Marcus Larabee
Marcus LarabeeWeb Analytics Specialist
If it needs to get done Marcus can figure it out. He has worked in ecommerce and lead generation programs on a variety of digital marketing projects. These experiences include SEO, PPC, web analytics, minor development, and email marketing.
Vin Cannarelli
Vin CannarelliSenior Outreach Manager
Vin manages Rowe Digital’s link building outreach program, developing outreach strategies and implementing against program goals.
Roland Dean
Roland DeanOutreach/Link Building Manager
Roland specializes in link building, influencer outreach & content marketing. With vast experience working in a broad variety of niches with a number of large and ambitious businesses, he knows what it takes to execute a successful link building campaign.
Suzanne Bixby
Suzanne BixbyOutreach Content Specialist
Suzanne has almost 20 years in service as a marketing and communications specialist for the tourism industry. She brings to the table experience with public relations, media relations, and advertising, as well as content production and management for print and digital mediums including magazines, newspapers, newsletters, blogs, websites and social media. She’s done a lot more than that, but the rest looks boring on screen. Let her tell you about it over coffee. She is in a comfortable love/hate relationship with the Oxford comma.
Mike Miccoli
Mike MiccoliTechnical SEO Specialist
Mike has over a decade of SEO and internet marketing experience. This experience has covered areas of link building, technical on-site SEO, auditing and analysis of keyword performance.
Steve Szeliga
Steve SzeligaOutreach Manager
Steve has over a decade of SEO and link building experience. He has build white-hat links for high-value content and pages that only have a niche audience.
DJ Seitz
DJ SeitzIntern Outreach & Analytics
DJ is a senior at Utica College, pursuing a bachelors in Public Relations. He’s interning in Rowe Digital’s outreach and analytics departments to build on his passion for online PR and his analytical nature.