Introducing RD Run Packages

To meet the needs of our customers in a challenging economic climate, Rowe Digital is offering existing and new enterprise SEO clients SEO/SEM ‘run’ options — with expedited startup and very limited commitment. 

These ‘runs’ as we call them will afford more flexibility for existing clients as well as those looking for a quick and easy way to get in front of experienced digital strategists and SEO/PPC consultants. 

Anybody interested can contact us directly using the button below. 

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Run Packages

2 hours

Our basic 2 hr run is for teams with intermediate to advanced level SEO/SEM knowledge, who just need reassurance. Topics here typically involve higher level convo around best practice and strategy, but can involve anything from advice on technical SEO to content.

4 hours

The 4 hour run cycle is for intermediate level SEO/SEMs and digital strategists needing a little extra care and guidance. These runs typically involve mid-level conversation around specific web/marketing initiative(s) with advice on best practice, risk mitigation, strategy and more.

6-8 hours

Last are our ‘full day’ runs. These typically act as sprints, helping dev and marketing teams overcome more advanced technical obstacles while mitigating business risk and traffic loss. Topics here range from advanced technical SEO to live PPC audits and more.

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*Note Applicants are invoiced at the end of the consultation/transaction. Consultant rates start at $100.00/hr and up. Sessions exceeding more than half the originally agreed upon run will be charged full amount. Sessions ending sooner will be charged half. 
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