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Advanced Analysis to Identify Link Profiles of Top Ranking Sites

Our technology leverages a hybrid of human analysis and software automation to develop advanced SEO intelligence, guiding the link building efforts.

What is SEAD

Google’s algorithm updates more than 30 times a month. Tactics a year ago are not working today. SEAD provides direction to create link building programs for today’s algorithm.

SEAD is more than a tool, it is an analysis that combines our SEAD technology with human analysis to create a contextual SEO analysis. SEAD reverse engineering Google & Bing’s ranking algorithm to identify your website’s ideal SEO profile. The analysis examines numerous metrics to understand which factors will most likely impact ranking for your site.

This analysis will provide guidance on the types of links your site should have, where they should point, and how they should link.

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How It Works

Our team will work with you to identify all of the keywords (usually hundreds or thousands) that are relevant to your site, then our team uses the SEAD technology to identify top ranking sites and analyze their link profile with advanced statistical analysis techniques. This analysis identifies a link profile that is required to rank, creating guidelines for:

  • Category of sites for links
  • Anchor text
  • Website quality
  • Content type

Key Elements of SEAD

The link profile metrics analyzed by SEAD can be grouped into these key areas. Below is a very brief explanation of each area. SEAD is a very complex and tightly kept secret, thus the analysis is even more in-depth than we can show here.

Develop a deep analysis of the links pointing to your site based on the industry’s standard quality metrics: Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, and more.

We leverage advanced content analytics to identify the type of content that has the links for the top ranking sites along with content quality, semantic relevance, and keyword integration.

The type of anchor text that should be used has been under scrutiny and has a high level of uncertainty. We use out tools to identify the anchor text used in the links for the top competitors.

The SEAD analysis will identify the categories of the sites that link to the top ranking sites to find the proper place to generate links.

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