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Kevin’s Topics

Kevin only speaks and writes about SEO, link building and advanced analytics. He covers advanced topics, how-tos, thought leadership, custom research, and case studies.

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Kevin has led strategy and implementation for SEO & SEM projects for an A-list of clients from Fortune 100 companies to the hottest Silicon Valley startups. He has worked on projects for Coke, Siemens and many more clients.

In addition, he has generated case studies, high-performance examples of success, and custom research that he has been sharing through thought leadership publications and event presentations.


Early Years

Kevin was not always good at SEO or SEM. For the first few years of his career the projects he worked on were less than successful, much less. He didn’t feel that he was actually doing anything useful for the clients and then there were the savvy clients that realized that he was not doing much. Some days he hated his job. Although, he enjoyed search marketing in general and did have some wins.

Turning Point

Kevin was naturally attracted to analytics and analysis from early in his career. But it wasn’t until around 2012 that he had truly began to understand the importance it had in success. Around this time, he had started to perform advanced analysis of organic traffic performance, content potential, keyword intent, backlink assessment, and search engine rankings deconstruction.

It seemed sudden, but the work he was doing started to actually have a huge impact on the clients website and goals. And as a result, his passion for search marketing grew.


Anayltics has become a core part of everything he does in search. This is why he created our SEAD technology and why all programs begin with an advanced analysis. He wants to stay enthusiastic about what he does and his work is such a big part of who he is, so he realizes that analytics is the way to do that.